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Firehouse Subs Sign Shop, Signage, Flushing, MI Signs are a basic need for every new or existing business for many reasons, but most importantly, signs inform potential customers who you are and what you do. Without signage, businesses would all look alike and services and products would be unknown. Without the proper signage to help your name stand out, illuminate your location or provide insight into what you provide, your business could suffer.

Custom Sign Design & Installation

Flatlander Signs can design, manufacture, install and service a custom sign for your business. After a signage consultation, Flatlander Signs will develop a custom sign based on your needs and location that will not only command attention but help your business stand out.

Providing All Types of Signage

Flatlander Signs provides signage from commercial businesses to residential customers in and around Flushing, MI. We are a fast paced, efficient and affordable company where “no job is too small.” Trust Flatlander Signs to handle your full-scale large format digital printing down to your residential coreplast garage sale signs. When we say that we do everything, we mean it!

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